By Daeton Winebrenner
Staff writer

Super Bowl parties are known for their food, drinking, and big crowds, and where does that transfer to better than the college lifestyle?

The students of Hutchinson Community College ensured that good times would be had by all, organizing big watch parties in the dorms. Some in the lobby, some in dorm rooms.

“It’s just a really fun environment,” Spearville freshman Diego Flores said. “I love being able to hang out with my friends and enjoy a night of sports with them.”

For many students, the Super Bowl was bigger than just a game, because the Kansas City Chiefs were playing against the San Francisco 49ers.

“I honestly never was never into football until this year,” Flores said. “It’s awesome being able to see the local team compete in the biggest game of the year.”

Some may say it’s hard enough to fit two people in a dorm room, so imagine trying to fit an entire party worth of people in a single room.

That’s exactly what Clay Center sophomore Jared Littrell did.

“It was definitely a challenge getting everyone packed in here,” Littrell said. “When you’re having a great time with your buddies, having 10-12 guys in there doesn’t feel that bad.”

The students in Littrell’s room didn’t seem to mind the lack of space. They even huddled closer together during the game’s big moments.

“It was like sardines in a can,” Littrell said. “It got so hot in that room you could barely breathe, but it was worth it.”

There were people watching the whole game, but even more who were popping in and out of the parties.

“I was late to work because I was having so much fun,” Scott City freshman Thad Butler said. “We were insulting each other, we were making fun of the 49ers. It was awesome.”

“I just had the absolute time of my life,” Flores said. “I’m already excited for next year’s party.”

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