By Jolie Shultz
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With recent weather around Kansas reaching temperatures of around minus-8 degrees and getting upwards of 10 inches of snow in the last two weeks, one thing is for sure. It’s pretty cold. Some students around Hutchinson Community College are trying to keep warm, while others forgo being warm for being fashionable.

“I feel like it can be kinda hard to stay warm and still dress cute. If you wear a big giant puffer coat, it can be kinda awkward and not really fit the vibes of the fit you’re trying to achieve,” said Carly Bontrager, a Nickerson sophomore.

“I have a kinda vintage style, I guess,” Bontrager said. “When I’m trying to stay warm I typically wear a vintage-style sweater, some baggy jeans and like Converse or just regular tennis shoes.”

When it comes to trying to find warm clothing that still fits how she likes to dress and her aesthetic, Bontrager said it can sometimes be a bit of a challenge.

“I try to find stuff that’s cute but it can be a bit of a challenge. I go through a lot of thrift stores when I’m shopping, I also like to try finding stuff online because a lot of retail places sell warmer clothes for more,” Bontrager said.

Zoe Coone, a Nickerson sophomore, says that she chooses to ditch society’s expectations of her to dress “cute” and tends to wear clothing that fits her comfort instead.

“I still dress cute, don’t get me wrong. But at the same time if it’s freezing out, I’m going to be way too lazy to dress cute. Give me sweatpants and we’ll call it a day,” Coonce said.

“I mean, I still have days where I try to dress in a way I think is cute and I’ll wear like jeans and a sweater or like a crewneck if I’m really trying. Layering long sleeves under short sleeves can also be really cute if the shirts are coordinating. For shoes, I tend to just go with a pair of 270s or just a normal pair of shoes. Honestly I’d rather die than wake up and put on a pair of jeans.”

The two girls agree that they want to dress cute but sometimes the weather just sucks the energy out of them.

“Like Zoe said, if it’s freezing out, I’m probably going to be too lazy to really put a dedicated effort into my outfit,” Bontrager said. “I think it’s better to not freeze your nuts off and stay warm then to make a huge effort to dress aesthetically or whatever.”

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