By Mason Poepperling
Staff writer

December has arrived. The 12th month of the year can conjure up many different thoughts – the joy of feeling the holiday spirit, or the comfort of spending time with family and loved ones, for example.

But to some students at Hutchinson Community College, a new feeling arises toward the end of the year. A feeling that can turn your legs to jelly, make your skin crawl, and can keep you awake all night – graduation.

The root of this graduation anxiety is the simple aversion to major life changes that most humans share.

“I have so much anxiety,” Rylee Jacobson, a student at HutchCC, said. “HutchCC has brought me so much comfort with how small the campus is, being used to the lively environment, and getting adjusted to the wonderful people.”

Of course, there are some students who feel no anxiety when it comes to graduation. Some have found themselves in a fortunate enough position to know exactly what will happen after they graduate, quelling any fears they may have otherwise.

“I’m mostly excited to get into the next stage of my life. There isn’t much anxiety, I’m lucky enough to have a job waiting for me when I graduate” Zach Bulleigh, a student at HutchCC, said.

Another comforting aspect of graduating from HutchCC is how well it has set up students for success afterwards.

“I think HutchCC has properly prepared me to the extent a college should be concerned. They’ve given me enough knowledge about my field that I don’t think I’ll have trouble in the job market,” Bulleigh said.

“I feel prepared for the world after graduation thanks to the classes I’ve endured, the faculty, and the organizations I was involved in. I’ve learned so many lessons and have gained so much knowledge” Jacobson said.

Still for many, the prospect of moving on to the next phase of life after graduation is a scary one, and that’s putting it lightly. It’s important to look for any way to quell the fear of graduation.

“No matter where you’re going or what you’re doing after graduation, it’s okay to feel uncomfortable. Putting yourself in uncomfortable situations will challenge you to grow,” Jacobson said.

“If you’re feeling anxious about graduating, remember to not let that feeling overwhelm you. A small amount of anxiety is good to push you to get things done, but letting it get too large will be debilitating. Get whatever is in your control done to prepare for life after college so you have less to worry about” Bulleigh said.

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