College is the only way to be successful, right?

Or at least that is what we have all been programmed to think, one way or another.

There is such a big misconception about college, success, and the time it should take all of us to become “successful.”

We see it everywhere; this idea is no stranger to college and high school students.

Everyone is so concerned with being some idea of successful, going to college, not getting burnt out, etc.

But how can we not? How is burnout not inevitable after countless assignments, academic pressure, early classes, friends, parties, relationships, children, marriage, moving out, moving on, and moving away?

Not to mention the idea that what we spend copious amounts of money on will be the subject/career we are expected to stick with for the rest of our lives.

The one thing I wish I had been told when I was still in high school and considering college is that breaks from school are actually quite normal.

I mean, factor in all the life changes you experience in college, and try to imagine not even considering taking time away.

It always scared me to consider taking time away.

It is always said that once you take time away, it is hard to go back.

I was talking to my college advisor about this, and about how I was scared if I left, I would never return.

This was her response:

“You need to trust your future self. You are smart now, and you will be in the future. You will do what you need to do and make the decisions you need to make that are best for you and your success.”

Think of your parents, grandparents, and other people in your life.

Think of the journey they had to get to where they believe is successful for them.

The end goal and success are exciting, but the journey of getting there is the whole point.

Trust your future self.

Autumn Yates is a Hutchinson sophomore studying psychology.

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