By Sam Ojeda
Sports Editor

In the game of football, there are some important positions on the field. Some of these are quarterback, running back, linebacker and … kicker?

In football the kicker is often overlooked as a crucial part of the team. What a lot of people do not know is that the No. 1-ranked Hutchinson Community College football team has two high quality kickers.

Nestus Burger and Cole Segraves are not only teammates but they are close like brothers off the field.

Burger is a redshirt freshman from Perth, Australia who has an interesting story. Burger began his collegiate career as a soccer player for a community college in Colorado. After realizing he had one heck of a leg, he thought about a new path.

“My agent asked me if I wanted to try kicking field goals,” Burger said.

Nestus Burger

After making the switch he was recruited by Blue Dragons coach Drew Dallas.

“I love the boys here. They are like family,” Burger said.

Segraves has a much different story and one that is more conventional. Segraves was a star kicker at Maize High School. When he was getting recruited, he liked what Dallas was offering.

“I came to Hutch because it was the best academic and athletic fit,” Segraves said. “The guys here are all awesome and I love spending every day with them.”

Segraves can often be seen in the cafeteria reading his Bible or speaking to friends.

Cole Segraves

What is most impressive about these two kickers is their brotherhood for each other. Each one of them speaks highly of the other.

“Cole has helped me out a lot,” Burger said. “He is a really good football player but an even better person off the field.”

Segraves said he appreciates what Burger brings to the table.

“Nestus is a great guy to be around everyday. I really admire his passion for the game,” Segraves said.

Most people would think that two guys in the same position in NJCAA football would be gunning for each other but that is not the case for these two.

“Nestus and I are pretty close, we do everything together,” Segraves said. “Our relationship on and off the field is strong and I look forward to playing with him the rest of the season.”

Burger holds Segraves on a high pedestal.

“Our relationship is sweet, there is no conflict and we push each other every day.” Burger said.

Dallas appreciates the two kickers.

“They have been pushing each other and making each other better the whole season,” Dallas said. “I know we can trust both their legs.”

This friendship of healthy competition has led to both Segraves and Burger to set school records this season. Segraves is now at 20 career field goals, and Burger kicked a 50-yard field goal against Dodge City, which are both school records.

Both look to play college football at a four-year school next season.

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