By Carly Thompson
Editor in Chief

Word is that Hutchinson Community College students are ensuring job security for the maintenance crew.

Sometimes, the equipment inside the college’s two dormitories – Kent Hall and Elland Hall – is just old and requires normal upkeep. Other times, students unintentionally misuse or damage things like laundry equipment and microwaves. 

Dana Hinshaw, Director of Residence Life and Student Activities, recalls a time last year when a student overloaded a washing machine with 19 pairs of pants. This led to the motor breaking and replacement parts took weeks to come in. 

“Here on campus, the student is paying, so naturally, they think putting more clothes into the washer and dryer will be more economical for them,” Hinshaw said. 

Overloading the machines can also lead to clothing not getting properly cleaned or dried.

As for the microwaves, dry ramen and microwave popcorn seem to have a bad reputation in the dorms. It is important that students monitor their food and pay attention to directions on the food labels to avoid visits from the fire department.

Nina Becaro, a Residence Assistant at the HutchCC dorms, said some students have a hard time coexisting with other students in shared spaces due to a lack of cleaning habits. This includes one-on-one spaces like dorm rooms as well as communal showers. 

Dorm dwellers have used the sinks to fill their cup with noodles because they don’t have a kitchen. 

“It’s not very nice to wake up in the morning and brush my teeth looking at some leftover noodles,” Becaro said.

Becaro says that these “habits come from home” and without having someone to remind them or do it for them, it’s not always an easy transition. Oftentimes, it goes unnoticed by the person at fault because they don’t know any better. 

Hinshaw wants students to know that the most important thing when it comes to independent living is being able to advocate for themselves. RAs and housing staff are there to help, and if living in an apartment, they can contact their landlord. 

“When students ignore the problems, they generally don’t go away and can sometimes get worse,” Hinshaw said. “We want our students to feel comfortable and safe.”

For emergency situations, they are to be immediately reported to the RA on duty and non-emergency concerns can be reported to the office or to the respective RA. 

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