By Carly Thompson
Editor in Chief

With the cost of everything going up in life, it’s good to know some places to shop that won’t kill your wallet. Here are a few places in Hutchinson to visit when you are on a tight budget or just don’t feel like spending a ton of money for items you need. 


1707 N Waldron St.

One of the better known thrift stores in town for its wide selection of clothing. However, they also have furniture and other household items. They have 50% off sales on different colored tagged items every day.

The Salvation Army

200 S Main St.

Often referred to as “Sally’s Alley”, this is a thrift store to go to if you need clothing, kitchen supplies, furniture, and other items. Their proceeds go to Adult Rehabilitation Centers to help those who struggle with addiction. 

Bin Shop’n

118 W 2nd Ave

A store filled with bins piled high with stuff. On Saturdays, each item in the bins are $7.99 and go down a dollar each day. They are closed on Fridays to replenish their bins. All of the merchandise is overstock, customer returns, and shelf pulls from big retailers. Their clothing items are $3.99 everyday and they also have a food section and furniture for varying prices.


1711 Waldron St.

While not technically a thrift store, Aldi is a great place to find low prices on groceries. Most of their merchandise is their own private brand which allows them to keep prices lower. All the aisles have items in their shipping boxes instead of loose on the shelves. Don’t forget to bring a quarter to rent a shopping cart (you’ll get it back if you return the cart after shopping) and some grocery bags.


1500 E 11th Ave

Also not technically a thrift store but they have “Good Stuff Cheap”. They sell a wide variety of closeout items. Merchandise ranges between food and household items to pet supplies and outdoor equipment.

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