We have lost the ability to have complexity online. With the rise in attacks and tension between Israel and Palestine, the United States and the rest of the world have become divided on who to support in the war. The war spanning over decades is causing conflict in opinions among people worldwide. 

While I agree that Israel should not have control of Palestine’s land and livelihood, we cannot forget our morals as people and as communities. 

I do not want to be another one of those people who combat any question of politics by saying something cliche like “The thing I would like to see most in my lifetime is world peace!” 

However, when do we decide to draw the line?

Hamas has done inexcusable evil things, but so has Israel all at the same time.

Personally, I do not care who killed more people, who detonated more bombs, who murdered more civilians and children, etc.

There has to be some point where these inexcusable intolerable actions are put to an end.

To media users, I am sorry to report that an Instagram or X (Twitter) post will not cause the conflict to end, and spamming  “#FreePalestine” will not cause Israeli leaders to suddenly realize the harm that is being caused. 

There is strength in numbers, we should always speak up about our beliefs.

That being said, I can promise you the leaders of this conflict do not care what your “take” is.

The truth is that this war is too complex for us to understand and truly decide what should be done to resolve their issues.

Arguing with others and excusing Hamas’ actions because of the complicated actions and past of Israel makes no one any more noble.

After Pete Davidson hosted “Saturday Night Live” on Oct. 14, and made a statement on Israel and Palestine, X users had much to criticize him for. 

Many users became frustrated with his lack of support for Palestine. Davidson recalled his experience suffering the loss of his father, a firefighter during the attacks on the World Trade Center on 9/11. 

Davidson kept the statement short and sweet, bringing attention to the violence experienced by children.

X users are naming him a Zionist,  saying that he is making the conflict about himself, and misconstruing his statement to fit their narrative of the situation.

We must remember that in life and politics, there are actually situations where you can support one side, and feel for all of those who are suffering. You are also allowed to support no sides. 

Not every person needs to make a public social media post about a tragedy happening in the world when it is incomprehensible.

Neutrality and uncertainty in the name of issues like the Israel-Palestinian conflict are allowed, do not let anyone tell you differently.

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2 thoughts on “What to make of Israel, Palestine and Hamas

  1. Johnnie Keller says:

    There wasn’t a palistinian people until1948. The Jews have lived in Israel longer than anyone and hamas calls for the death of All Jews. Make sure you know the basic facts before talking about something like this. The terrorists of hamas paid for by iran murdered men, women and children. Israel is called the little satan by these murderers just as the terrorists call America the big satan.
    Wake up, I have been in the middle east and seen this for myself, have you?

    1. tsarofnews says:

      Hey Johnnie. Nice to hear from you again. And with such a lovely statement too. Did you know that the state of Israel was actually only founded in 1948! Palestine was a region long before that, and it was occupied by a hugely diverse population of Jewish, Arabic, and even Christian people! Also did you know, that the government of Israel has been stealing land actively from Palestinians since the state’s founding! Check out this map if you’re curious! https://www.palestineportal.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/LossOfLandMapCard.png Also, are you aware that the Israeli government has been calling for the “cleansing” of Palestinian people? That’s genocide, and often regarded as one of the most heinous acts someone can ever commit! There’s some “basic facts” for you, Johnnie! And if you’re willing to expand your thinking ability beyond that of a 16 year old boy, make sure to consider that maybe the people who are indiscriminately attacking the Gaza Strip, who’s population is nearly 50% children. Are NOT the people you should be supporting! Did you know Joe Biden supports Israel? Does that change your mind at all? Are you sure you, Johnnie Keller, want to support something Joe Biden supports?

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