By Greta Klein
Staff writer

The wind whistles through the trees during the black of night. Goosebumps creepy all throughout the body. Crunching of the dirt and gravel road beneath shoes echoes in the air. Bodies tenses up as they face this “haunted place.” 

Was this place actually haunted or were my emotions getting the best of me?

Many Kansans may be familiar with this urban legend while others may not be. Theorosa’s Bridge is located between Sedgwick and Valley Center in northern Sedgwick County, and is said to be haunted. 

There are many stories that go along with this bridge, but all consist of the same basic tale.

While each legend differs from start, they have the same main idea. According to the most popular legend, there were settlers traveling through this area in the late 19th century when they were attacked by Native Americans and a baby named Theorosa was taken hostage. Her heartbroken mother reportedly left the wagon train to look for her missing daughter, and it is believed that she continues to search as her weeping cries can still be heard.

“After hearing the myths, I felt less nervous,” Colby Garrison, a freshman at Hutchinson Community College said. “Since there had been three different stories as to why Theorosa’s Bridge was haunted, I felt less fearful about going.”

Spooky things are said to have happened at Theorosa’s Bridge. There have been reports of cars stalling as they cross the bridge and the gloomy sounds of voices or the shocking cries of a baby.

“Nothing much happened while at the bridge. The only thing I heard was a racoon out in the distance,” Garrison said. 

It is also rumored that Theorosa will come out of the water and attack you if you tell her that you have her baby. Theorosa did not come and attack anyone because well, there was no water to come out of. 

“The bridge was empty and it was so disappointing,” HutchCC freshman Makenzee Monroy said. “I was really expecting to hear some stuff but there wasn’t even any water down there.”

Once there is water underneath the bridge, Theorosa might reappear and haunt this bridge again. For right now though, Theorosa’s stories do not seem as haunted as some claim.

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