By Carly Thompson
Editor in Chief

The One Day Play Festival is back at Hutchinson Community College, where actors and actresses will perform 10-minute plays that they learn on the same day.

Claudia Egerstaffer, a Hutchinson sophomore, participated in the One Day Play Festival last year. She said that the process for actors begins in the morning when they find out which play they will be acting in. They begin rehearsing with meal breaks in between. A time slot is set out for each group to find costumes and props.

“The most stressful part is getting your lines memorized to a ‘T’ in such a short time,” Egerstaffer said. 

However, Egerstaffer said she enjoys how close the groups get in the 12 hours they get to rehearse and work together.

Wichita sophomore Samantha Moore got to act and help direct the plays last year. She said she appreciates meeting new people through a unique experience. 

“I look forward to the new style that we’ll be implementing with the process,” Moore said. 

Moore’s favorite part is being able to try new aspects of theater with a different level of pressure compared to normal plays.

The audience can look forward to a different twist on acting and unique plays. The Festival will take place at 7 p.m. on Oct. 14th at Stringer Fine Arts Center.

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