By Daeton Winebrenner
Staff writer

Sophomore Adriana Delgado has stepped up this season for the Hutchinson Community College soccer team, bringing impressive speed and scoring ability.

“Hadlie Lowe did most of the scoring for the team, so there wasn’t as much pressure,” Blue Dragons coach Sammy Lane said. “This year, Hadlie left so we needed someone to step in and score those goals.”

Stepping up is exactly what the forward has done, leading the team in scoring with 11 goals on 27 shots through 10 games.

“I feel like I’ve been doing a lot better than last year,” Delgado said. “I’ve just been working hard.”

A major factor attributed to Delgado’s development is growing up and maturing.

“I think confidence is some of it,” Lane said. “You’re a year more mature, maybe you don’t feel as nervous when you play the games.”

The connection between Delgato and Lane runs deep, with Lane having coached Delgado from a young age in different soccer clubs.

“I’ve coached Adriana since she was 11 years of age,” Lane said. “Several of the girls on this team we’re on a girls team I’ve coached.” 

Despite the years of playing with Lane and the connection between her teammates, Delgado almost made the choice to stop playing soccer entirely.

“I just wanted to be done,” Delgado said.

Lane is glad she kept with it.

“I thought she could be very successful in the system we play here at Hutch,” Lane said. “It was just a matter of convincing her.”

While being a team captain, a leader on the field, Delgado is also a leader off the field, creating a welcoming environment for this year’s freshmen.

“Everybody loves her,” Lane said. “She’s made it easy for freshmen to integrate into the team.”

Her reputation as a team player has brought success to the team, even if it hurts her own stats.

“I think she could be even better if she was more selfish with the ball,” Lane said “That’s just not like her.”

With Delgado being part-way through her sophomore campaign, she is facing the prospect of continuing her collegiate career at a four-year university.

“My dad has always wanted me to play at the college level,” Delgado said. “I wanna go somewhere in Texas.”

While none of them are from Texas, Delgado has received interest from numerous schools.

“She’s got a lot of interest right now,” Lane said. “Everybody wants goal scorers.”

Delgado has received interest from Southwest Baptist University, Lincoln University, and Florida Southern.

“She’s a great player,” Lane said. “She checks every box.”

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