By Victoria Lewis / Staff writer

Dellareece Rogers is a custodian for the Hutchinson Community College dormitories, whose infectious smile has earned quite the reputation among students and staff for being the most cheerful on campus living quarters.

Originally from the Kansas City area, Rogers has worked at HutchCC for two years, and moved into the Hutchinson area three months ago.

A self-described ‘friendly person who loves people’, Rogers prides herself on spreading her inner peace and happiness wherever, and whenever, she can.

“The best part (of the job) is that I get to come in the morning and smile and make other people smile,” Rogers said. “I have kids of my own, and I know how it would feel if my kids went off to a different school, so I want the students to feel comfortable and loved – I just love the students.”

This ‘sharing of the love’ is important to Rogers, and she said it “makes me happy, it gives me peace inside knowing that I’m here not just to work but to help and be here for others.

“Everyday is almost the same, but it’s the memories of students who went away and I have bonded with that is touching.”

Rogers ensures that she is there for every student walking the halls.

“Everyone comes from various home lives and so … if that one happy communication during the day will brighten a person’s day I feel like it should be spread, like my happiness and peace should be spread.”

The students are also quick to show their appreciation for Rogers work, constant joy and occasional free food offerings.

“A lot of you guys actually kinda help me too as far as keeping up your areas and picking up after yourselves – I thank you all for that,” Rogers said. “I feel like it’s a good community here at the dorms. I have only lived here for almost three months and this is the best place I’ve ever worked, not just the students but the staff is like friendly, they’re family oriented and its very comforting.”

Rogers sends a message to all HutchCC dorm students – “If anyone ever needs help and support just come to me I have a listening ear – I’m here for you guys.”

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  1. Justine Salgado says:

    Dellareece is a joy! How awesome is this article to celebrate her and the hard-work of the custodial staff. We are all lucky to have Dellareece here on campus.

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