By Lizzie Kipp / Online Editor

Midterms are approaching fast at Hutchinson Community College, and – as if the pressure wasn’t already on – now it’s time for students to think about enrollment for the fall semester.

While it’s true that there is plenty of time to sign up for Fall 2023 classes, it’s important to get a jump-start on enrolling.

DJ Chastain, HutchCC’s Coordinator of Advising and Career Development, agrees. He said that he strongly encourages students to enroll as early as possible – and definitely before spring classes end.

“It helps you to secure your place in courses that might fill up,” Chastain said. “It also allows you to set your schedule now so you can plan out your future semesters here at HutchCC.”

In addition to the fall 2023 semester, HutchCC is currently enrolling for summer 2023 and spring 2024 as well, so students can plan their future to their heart’s content.

Teri Eckhoff, an advisor and instructor at HutchCC, also encourages students to plan ahead.

“Most of the time, you will get the classes you want within the time frames you want, which will ultimately make your life easier,” Eckhoff said.

She notes that even for the general studies students out there, it’s not a problem to figure out which courses would be the most beneficial for them in future terms.

“They can choose any one of a multitude of classes to meet their degree requirement in any situation,” Eckhoff said.

One may expect instructors to give advice like that, but many students like Coye Stucky, an elementary education major at HutchCC, also find it best to get enrollment done early.

“It allows you more time to plan for schedule changes if needed,” Stucky said.

She also agreed that most students tend to put enrollment off, despite the benefits of getting it done sooner, rather than later.

Enrollment is open now, and students can do it at any time. Academic advisors or the Student Success Center can be contacted to help with all enrollment needs, even if procrastination takes over.

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