By Carly Thompson / Staff writer

With fall enrollment kicking off, there are tons of class options that may be somewhat overwhelming for students. However, it is important to pick classes that will be beneficial to each individual, based on each major.

Check out the HutchCC website under “course search” to see classes offered and class descriptions. Also, when thinking about what classes to take for the 2023-2024 school year, keep these recommendations in mind from fellow HutchCC students.

“I recommend sociology with Kim Newberry. It’s a humanities credit, so it’s easy to get out of the way for a degree. It’s kind of like a hidden subject that is very interesting and very informative to people our age. Also, the teacher is not only the best explainer of sociology but also knows the importance the subject can have on students. I also recommend Macroeconomics with Matt Wilper. Since most people didn’t have finance classes before college it is smart to take macro. Even if you aren’t a business manager the generation creating the population needs to know about the nation’s economic fundamentals. Matt Wilper is a very fun teacher and I’ve never heard anyone complain about his teaching methods. He makes the class enjoyable for people that are not interested in business degrees as well.” – Maggie Strobel, sophomore, Associate of Science. 

“I really recommend classes with Taliatha Hudson-Palmer. She teaches Psychology, Human Growth and Development, and Human Relations. I think the human relationship class is super interesting and really helps to better understand yourself and your relationships with others. She teaches in a way that is very understandable and makes you want to learn more. I also recommend Sociology because it really expanded my mind and helped me understand people and the world better.” – Lillianna Lamagna sophomore, English major.

“I would recommend students enroll in personal finance. The class is very helpful and teaches you things you need to know when you start to think about the future. The other class I’d recommend is human relations. I think this class can help people learn to communicate better with others. For new students, this class can help them develop healthy relationships with others.” – Maliyah Brown, sophomore, Associate of Science.

“I would recommend that students take macroeconomics with Matt Wilper. I enjoyed this class a lot because Mr. Wilper made it very enjoyable.” – Johnny Johnston, sophomore, Accounting major.

“Visual basics, I recommend it as an entry-level to learn the fundamentals of coding.”

Thomas Jones, Freshman, Computer Science Major.

“I recommend Mass Communications, I like the professor and the material is interesting.” – Alex Holt, sophomore, General Studies. 

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