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Homecoming is a century-old tradition honored by thousands of schools across the country. Some students anticipate it, as it is a great way for them to show school spirit, while others avoid it at all costs. Those who do attend, though, look forward to the excitement of the football or basketball game and – especially – the crowning of the homecoming king and queen.

However, the Hutchinson Community College Campus Activities Board has recently decided to get rid of the homecoming court altogether, meaning no more royalty among the Blue Dragons.

“There’s a lot of time and resources put into the homecoming court process, and very few students are participating in it,” said Dana Hinshaw, Director of Student Activities at HutchCC. “Ten years ago, we would have 300-400 students voting. More recently, about 120 students will vote.”

While that still might seem like a solid amount of votes, many of those voters are either friends of the homecoming candidates, or the candidates themselves. What this means is, the general student body does not participate in the vote. Many don’t even attend the homecoming festivities, and those who do are mainly there as part of sports teams.

“The Campus Activities Board is tasked with providing student activities and events within a budget,” Hinshaw said. “We determined the time and money are better spent on activities students want to participate in, such as renting out The Alley or Skateland for a college night or giveaways at assemblies.”

The board’s decision seems to make sense when one thinks about the money side of things, and one could even argue that homecoming is an event that fits better in a high school than a college.

But what about HutchCC students and their college experience?

Rubi Rodriguez, a Hutchinson freshman, was disappointed with the decision to ditch homecoming court.

“I was a homecoming candidate in high school and I really enjoyed it, especially the parade,” Rodriguez said. “I am sad for the future candidates at HCC, because I’m sure that’s an experience they would like to have as well.”

Even with the absence of the homecoming court, HutchCC will still have two homecomings each year – one in the fall and the Spring Fling in April.

“I would still attend a homecoming in the future,” Rodriguez said. “I think it’s a fun activity the college has to offer.”

There are currently no plans to bring back homecoming court, but Hinshaw said the idea will certainly be considered by the board if brought up by the student body.

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  1. Jan Nelson says:

    Ridiculous! Why are you taking away the great traditions of our schools?

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