The world is in an unprecedented shortage.

Shortage of employees, shortage of products, shortage of patience, shortage of kindness.

Workers are pouring their energy and countless hours into their jobs, doing their best to provide the excellent service their customers are accustomed to receiving.

Those same people walk into other businesses, clearly struggling to make it through the day with the skeleton crew that showed up to work that day, and get so frustrated when their service takes longer than a few minutes.

Your wait in line at the grocery store may be a little longer than usual. You might have to wait an extra 10 minutes for your morning coffee.

The product you might need may be out of stock, or even on backorder. The young adult working the register at the store is not at fault for that.

Everyone is struggling right now. That’s no question.

Just be kind. It’s the very least one can do. Show some decency and just be patient.

We’re all humans trying to make it through the day. Cut one another some slack.

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