Let’s start this week with a statement. A very easy to understand, digestible, and completely factual statement.

Trans women are women. Trans men are men. Nonbinary people do not owe you androgyny.

If that pisses you off? Get over yourself. I am sick and tired of watching the right demonize trans people every single day. They are not groomers. They are not pedophiles. They are not rapists, they are not ill, they are people. Regular. People. The fact that they were born in a body not corresponding to their gender is irrelevant.

I’m going to work through every single common transphobic argument and tell you why they’re wrong. It’s a very easy process to work through.

“Trans people are grooming children.” It is absolutely wild that many in the Republican Party would try to claim this, despite the fact that they routinely strike down laws restricting child marriages. The right doesn’t give a hoot about children. If they did, they would pass laws to stop school shootings, or stop removing the right to abortions, or any number of other things.

“They are lying to assault people in bathrooms.” The statistics simply don’t line up. More trans women are assaulted in bathrooms than cis, and more often than not men don’t need to dress up to get into the women’s bathroom. They can just walk right in. It’s a stupid anti-point.

“It’s basic biology.” Yeah sure, your high school teacher may have taught you that there’s two sexes. But there is something called advanced biology. Or literally any class passed basic biology that acknowledges that gender and sex are separate things. And also that Intersex people exist. There are literally not even two sexes. Just because your baseline biology class didn’t mention it doesn’t mean that science does not back them up.

Read a textbook for once in your life and maybe you’ll learn something about your stupid echoed talking points.

There is essentially no argument that Republicans can give that aren’t either stupid, hypocritical, both, or just flat out wrong.

Braedon Martin is a Hutchinson sophomore studying journalism. He is the Collegian’s Opinion Page Editor and the Managing Editor for Design

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