Let’s talk about the workplace taking advantage of good employees.

Why is it that the most hard-working people are the ones who get burnt out so quickly? I’ll tell you, and I’m sorry if you relate. Good employees show up to work, do their job well, help others when they can, and go out of their way to make things the best that they can. Employers see this and most see it as an opportunity. 

“So-and-so is really killing it, let’s add to their list of responsibilities without raising their pay. Oh, let’s also have them pick up the slack of the other workers who really aren’t cutting it. However, we aren’t going to reprimand the slackers nor will we pay the good worker any more money.” Sound familiar?

I understand that when you agree to a job, it’s a responsibility and it takes a good person to be willing to jump in when needed to keep things running smoothly.

Unfortunately, there is a fine line between being dependable and being taken advantage of.

Too many good employees are not getting the appreciation they deserve. I am not asking for everyone to get an award for simply doing their job. That’s why you’re there, duh. But I am asking for employers to call out their lazy employees and stop expecting their good employees just to play pick-up.

They are only doing themselves a disservice by allowing slack-off behavior by never having initial expectations and losing motivated employees. 

Carly Thompson is a Hutchinson freshman in general studies

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