By Paige Asberry / Staff writer

The annual transfer fair has become an eagerly anticipated event at Hutchinson Community College.

More than 20 four-year colleges from around Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma will gather Wednesday in the foyer of Parker Student Union, some with snacks, some with door prizes, and all with information about their schools.

Students may be wondering why it matters if you go, especially if you’re not interested in staying in Kansas for your next college.

Michelle Wortham, HutchCC’s Administrative Assistant to the Vice President of Student Services, said that the importance of the transfer fair is that students get to see what’s out there. The schools that come will showcase their most popular programs, and will have information that students could possibly need.

Wortham also said that it is a chance for students to understand scholarship options, prices per credit hour, and what to expect going to a four-year college. This is also a chance for athletes that are interested in sports scholarships to see which schools offer the best options to meet their needs.

Even if students end up transferring somewhere out of state, they’ll have a little more information about how different four-year colleges are from two-year ones.

However, if students do end up staying in Kansas, something neat about Kansas colleges is that when they graduate from a two-year college with general education classes completed, the four-year college that they transfer to is required to accept all of the gen ed classes. That means if you’ve already taken college algebra, you won’t have to take it again.

The transfer will last from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. During the fair, the HutchCC Records department will print free transcripts for students who need to turn them in to the Transfer Coordinators from the colleges and universities attending the fair.

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