By Carly Thompson / Staff writer

Robin Woodworth, Administrative Assistant to the President, has been working at Hutchinson Community College since 2011. She began as Carter File’s administrative assistant in the Finance and Operations department. A few years later she was able to transfer to the President’s Office, once he became the college president.

Her newest transition will be into retirement, which will be effective Tuesday.

Robin Woodworth, the administrative assistant in the HutchCC’s president’s office, is set to retire at the end of January. Photo by Lee Wellman.

“The best part about working at HutchCC is being able to be a part of an environment where everyone has the same focus, the students,” Woodworth said.

She also noted that HutchCC has been the most positive work environment since she graduated from college, and she is proud of her position in the president’s office.

Woodworth said she hopes to leave a positive impression in the areas she has worked in. Throughout her different positions on campus, her goal was to make things more efficient. She said she appreciates the support from the administration and File for helping her make accommodations, especially when she suggested the change from paper records to electronic.

File gives Woodworth all the credit for making that monumental accomplishment, and many other positive changes in the President’s Office. 

“She has provided efficient and effective work flow management for all of her tasks for the president’s office, as well as Coordinator of the Dillon Lecture Series,” File said. “As much as I will miss her great work abilities, it is our friendship I will miss the most.”

Woodworth’s position will be filled by Becky Rogers, who is highly regarded.

“I look forward to working with Becky and wish Robin and John much happiness and success in their retirement,” File said. 

Woodworth said that she plans to spend her retirement learning new things and focusing on other interests she has. While she looks forward to this new chapter in life, she will always appreciate her time at HutchCC.

“I will definitely look back on my years at HutchCC as a highlight of my life,” Woodworth said. 

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