Calling all Blue Dragon fans – you’ve been summoned to Gowans Stadium on Saturday, at 2 p.m. as the undefeated Hutchinson Community College football team takes on the Coffeyville Red Ravens in the NJCAA national semifinals.

This team has worked their tails off all season, winning their third consecutive Jayhawk Conference title.

The Blue Dragons are coming off a 16-game winning streak. That’s the second longest in program history. This team is on fire and that’s not going out anytime soon. They also won the NJCAA national championship two seasons ago.

Their success can’t just be credited to the incredible displays of athleticism and coaching they’ve brought to the field week after week. Some credit is due to the great fan base supporting them at each game.

These guys work so hard on and off the field. They deserve to have their efforts acknowledged.

Any of you who have played sports know the difference between a game with a roaring crowd versus a game with a dead audience. The fans can truly make or break it for a team. The atmosphere makes a world of difference.

For some of these guys, this could be their last season playing competitive ball. They deserve to be sent out feeling appreciated and supported.

I’m challenging you, Blue Dragon fans. Let’s sell out Gowans Stadium this weekend. Be the loudest crowd this stadium has ever held, get rowdy, and drive the football team to put on their best performance.

Gowans Stadium has 5,500 seats. There are 39,712 people in Hutchinson. That means approximately 15% of the town better be sitting in that stadium.

I’ve seen some of you go pretty die-hard for teams you live miles and miles away from – teams like the Kansas Jayhawks, Kansas State Wildcats and Kansas City Chiefs. Teams you may rarely get to see in person. Why can’t that same energy go to your own hometown football stars?

It can be difficult to find activities for all members of the family to enjoy. What better than a classic game of football to bring all of you together?

Sure it’s early December so it’s a little chilly, with an expected high temperature in the lower 40s. Grab yourself some hand warmers, bring a whole stack of blankets, get yourself some delicious hot chocolate from the concessions and layer up as much as you can. Unlike the players, you have the luxury of being able to bundle up and get cozy.

The Blue Dragons and Red Ravens met on Sept. 24 where the Blue Dragons pulled out a 14-9 win.

HutchCC is ranked No. 1 in the nation with Coffeyville ranked No. 4.

Trust me when I say you are not going to want to miss this.

Be loud, be proud, and let’s breathe fire the weekend at Gowans.

Laci Sutton is a Nickerson senior studying journalism and nursing. She is the Collegian’s Managing Editor for Content.

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