Ladies and gentlemen here it is. My hottest take. The most controversial I will ever get.

Christmas season? Starts at 12:01 p.m. Nov. 1.

The second that clock ticks over we defrost Mariah Carey, and all I want for Christmas is you. And by you I mean snow, cold, and good ol’ Christmas music.

Some people may think “but what about Thanksgiving?” And to those people I pose the question – What hype is there in Thanksgiving, what music does it have, beyond tradition what is its purpose?

Yeah, I love getting to see my family as much as the next guy, but I can celebrate Thanksgiving when it comes, three weeks into November and also build as much Christmas spirit as I can before and after that.

Michael Buble, Mariah Carey, Frank Sinatra, their Christmas music comprises about 9,000,000% of what I listen to from Nov. 1 to (honestly) Jan. 3 or Jan. 4. There is no point in denying it. The best genre of Christmas music is the stuff from about 1980-2010. I’ll blast “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” at deafening volumes as I drive around town all I want, and no one can stop me because this is America and I am free to do whatever I want, as long as it’s not hurting anyone

And good Christmas music never hurt anyone. In fact it does quite the opposite.

Good Christmas music heals all wounds.

Broken leg? Listen to some Michael Buble you’ll be walking again in no time.

Depression? Can’t be sad listening to Mariah Carey’s hit “All I Want for Christmas is You”. It’s scientifically impossible. And I prove that every Nov. 1.

Allow me to be nostalgic for a moment. I’ve earned it.

On top of my love for Christmas music and the season, I also harbor within me a great love for Charlie Brown, specifically the Christmas and Thanksgiving specials. (That’s right,I celebrate Thanksgiving for my family and especially for Charlie Brown.)

When I was younger, my grandma gifted me a replica of Charlie Brown’s perfect christmas tree. And if you think I don’t spend a few hours cleaning my room and setting it up in plain sight while blaring the Xmas tunes, you are entirely incorrect. It’s the single sweetest gift I’ve ever received and even thinking about it makes me giddy with happiness.

Anyways. Christmas. I don’t care what you say but for me, the season starts Nov. 1 and ends … really whenever I want it to. I cannot be stopped and I will replace all holidays with Christmas, given enough time.

Braedon Martin is a Hutchinson sophomore studying journalism. He is the Collegian’s Opinion Page Editor and Managing Editor for Design.

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