By Ainsley Trunkill / Staff writer

From atop educational innovation to behind the pen, Cindy Hoss seals off an impressive resume with her retirement after 12 years as the Vice President of Academic Affairs at Hutchinson Community College, a decision confirmed at the Oct. 13th Board of Trustees meeting.

Published author, skilled grant writer, professional development trainer, and Higher Learning Commission Peer Reviewer, outline just some of the titles Hoss earned over her 47-year career. The Vietnam War ended, the Berlin Wall fell, the first Black U.S. President was elected, and the globe battled a pandemic all while Hoss shepherded generation after generation of students and educators. 

Dr. Hoss

At HutchCC, Hoss strove to prioritize these students and educators. 

“Our work in Academic Affairs has always been to support student learning goals and improve the teaching (and) learning process,” Hoss said. 

In doing so, Hoss worked collaboratively alongside faculty and chairs, “dedicated servant-leaders” she oversaw in her position. As she nears the end of her career at the college, Hoss recalls these individuals fondly. 

“Many HutchCC staff across the institution support the work of academic affairs and so my appreciation and gratitude go to (them),” she said. “Who could ask for more?”

Additionally, Hoss identified the development of The Teaching Academy, a resource for new HutchCC faculty, as one of her favorite memories at the college, priding “innovation and creation.” 

HutchCC plans to continue on this path past Hoss’ retirement with the addition of barbering to the cosmetology center, for example, or the renovation of the campus tennis courts into an outdoor plaza. Hoss, meanwhile, notes her own plans following her retirement. 

“I have always taught a range of classes … so that is not out of the range of possibilities,” Hoss said. “There will be plenty of avenues to keep my schedule full.”

The process to fill the open position will include a national search, accompanied by evaluations and interviews, with a new Vice President of Academic Affairs starting no later than February, according to Carter File, President of Hutchinson Community College.

File maintains a hopeful attitude about the future of the college and the position while imparting on Hoss a bittersweet farewell. 

“Her leadership and experience will be missed and difficult to replace,” File said. “We wish her luck and a happy and fulfilling retirement.” 

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