By Lizzie Kipp / Staff writer

Almost everyone at Hutchinson Community College is glad to accept a day off, especially at this point in the semester.

The calm and organized honeymoon stage of college has long passed, and students are slowly burning out. Homework is piling up, Red Bull is now a necessity, and waking up at 7 a.m. makes students die inside a little bit.

Luckily, fall break is a thing, so HutchCC students had a little time to themselves after making it through midterms. The thing is, fall break was only one day – Friday, Oct. 7. Is that enough time to recharge the batteries?

Noah Buller, a HutchCC freshman, holds a particularly strong opinion about fall break.

“I enjoy that our school is willing to allow us a singular day off, but such an insignificant change to the tedium isn’t bound to do a whole lot for the mental health and morale of students,” Buller said.

Buller said that fall break should be extended by at least a couple of days.

“Allowing even just another day of rest could do mountains for not only those who work, but also those who are struggling with school in general,” he said. “It could elicit better sleeping and study habits for students.”

Jay Garcia, a sophomore, holds an opposing viewpoint.

“Fall break seems small because it’s just a day,” Garcia said. “But having that full weekend to yourself right after midterm grades have been posted is so relaxing. Having one day off is better than nothing, especially in college.”

Garcia said she thinks fall break shouldn’t be extended, but changed to a different day.

“I would change it to just Wednesday.” Garcia said. “That would give people time to ease out of the week and have a full weekend to themselves.”

Briana Payne, a HutchCC freshman, shares a similar opinion.

“I would make the fall break a long weekend and cancel Monday as well,” Payne said. “I feel like the extra day would make a big difference to people. This would give students with families farther away time to go visit them.”

There are many different views about the length of fall break. Even so, it’s safe to say that any kind of break is appreciated by everyone, especially college students.

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