In elementary school, children are taught to beware of peer pressure. Now, while this typically applies to drinking and doing drugs, many people are peer-pressured into believing that summer is the best season out of the four.

Summer is a glorified season, and that needs to change.

Summer is often beloved by many due to the memories tied with it of being out for school for three months. Don’t let these memories cloud your opinions. There are other times that students get time off of school, like winter break and spring break. While they may not be as long as summer break, they are often far more enjoyable.

Winter break is when the holidays are, so there’s often a buzz of celebration in the air that makes everything feel more exciting. Also, if you’re into it, Christmas music is playing all the time.

Spring break is right around the time of year where it’s nice enough to be able to enjoy outside activities. Not to mention the fact that by this time of year, the bugs are just starting to wake up. No swarms of mosquitoes leaving bumps all over you, no hordes of flies trying to land on your food at any given chance and no crickets to jump all over the place when you least expect it.

Besides the other breaks in school being superior to summer break, it is just too hot during summer to enjoy anything other than being in water or in a place with air conditioning.

There are pluses for weather in summer, like a summer thunderstorm, but even that has its downsides. Humidity is a killer, and it can ruin a good hair day in an instant.

Summer isn’t this terrible monster that everyone should hate, and all seasons have downsides. However, summer is just too overhyped, and is often disappointing because of it. Don’t fall victim to “summer = best season” peer pressure.

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