By Cole Deutschendorf
Co-Sports Editor

According to Google, there are over seven quintillion grains of sand in all of the world’s beaches. Just to add some context to that, that is 7 followed by 18 zeros. 


This coincidentally happens to be the exact amount of fruit loops that could be found in the back of the bus lot north of the Office Technology building at Hutchinson Community College on Wednesday. Or so it seemed.

It’s a date that will go down in history.

There were about 300 pounds of fruit loops in a bag large enough to make Santa Claus blush.

Dave Hawthorn, a part-time bus driver for HutchCC, doubles as a part of a food consortium. He received a message about the availability of a large amount of fruit loops. Naturally, he assumed that they would be in boxes, but Hawthorn quickly realized that that was in fact not the case.

It was all in a brobdingnagian plastic bag, piles upon piles stacked up in the bed of a truck. 

You could almost hear the sounds of employees giggling in delight as they approached the truck, holding out a measly singular trash bag that paled in comparison to the elephantine knapsack. 

It was an experience that none who experienced will ever forget. 

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