By Aubreigh Heck
Co-Sports Editor

A sport as old as the patent on the telephone itself, baseball charms many around the world with its long-standing traditions. Whether it be the seventh-inning stretch, hot dogs and peanuts at every game or rally caps, baseball has many aspects of its game that revolve around so much more than the play on the field.

However, there is one tradition for players that started back in 1970: walk-up songs. Walk-up songs are meant to help get batters and pitchers ready to play, and the Hutchinson Community College baseball players have their favorites.

“I think walk-up songs just help me get into my best state of mind for the at bat, and get me in the mentality to do damage at the plate,” said Charlie Mosser, a freshman utility player from Lincoln, Neb.

Mosser has “Gimme That” by Chris Brown as his walk-up song.

“I picked that song because it’s upbeat, which makes me feel excited when I get on the field. I feel like it’s very catchy,” Mosser said.

Some players take a while to decide what the right song to serenade them onto the field is. Others make the decision on a whim.

Zane Covey, a pitcher from Golden, Colo., didn’t take too long to decide what to walk out to the mound to.

“It was a very spontaneous decision,” Covey said. “I always thought ‘Free Smoke’ by Drake would be a good walk-up song, but I never thought I threw hard enough to use it. It came on in my car a few days before I had to make my song decision, and I stuck with it.”

While walk-up songs are traditionally used to amp players up, they can do more than help a batter or pitcher get into the right state of mind.

“The song also gives me an opportunity to show a little bit of my character and personality,” Covey said.

Typically, when a player picks a walk-up song at the start of the season, they try to stick with it.

“I wouldn’t change my walk-up song if I had the choice,” said Braedyn Sommer, a sophomore infielder from Stillwater, Okla., who decided on “Me Against the World” by Tupac as his walk-up song.

“I chose it because I felt the meaning in the song title. I also genuinely like the song,” Sommer said.


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