By Aubreigh Heck
Online Editor

It is that time of year again. Where the leaves are changing, the winter clothes are coming out, and holiday songs fill every department store’s speakers.

With this festive and seasonal change comes the opportunity for stores and businesses across the nation to profit off of everyone’s festive mood. Notably, food and beverage stores.

Coffee shops are perhaps some of the largest partakers of this tomfoolery, from the peppermints, to the toffees and, of course, the pumpkin spices.

Some students at Hutchinson Community College enjoy this time of the season, and not just for the pretty lights.

Aaron Alicea, a Hutchinson sophomore, likes pumpkin spice and everything iced.

“I would have to say pumpkin spice is my favorite,” Alicea said. “I prefer it iced.”

While pumpkin spice comes to people’s minds when they think of seasonal coffee flavors, not everyone claims it to be their favorite.

Kiana Brown, a third year HutchCC student from Floydada, Texas, has a more unique preference.

“A salted caramel mocha iced latte from Starbucks is my favorite,” Brown said. “No matter what time of the year it is I always get my coffee iced.”

Some people have multiple favorites when it comes to their seasonal drinks, unable to stick to one of many flavors.

Mason Wood, a Hutchinson sophomore, falls into that category.

“I like peppermint hot chocolate, and pumpkin spice is usually pretty good too,” Wood said. “A peppermint hot chocolate takes the sweetness of the chocolate and pairs nicely with the mint. I do not usually drink many seasonal things though, I tend to stick with flavors that are there year round.”

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