By Brooke Greene
Collegian Editor in Chief

The final stretch, the third trimester, the weeks that seem the most important as the time nears to welcome a brand new baby into the world.

I am approaching my 31st week of pregnancy with my daughter Sawyer – yes, I am aware that name is a “boy’s” name. However, if she is anything like me, a sassy tomboy, then I see the name fitting very nicely.

These next few weeks are packed with appointments. Once a mother reaches her third trimester, appointments are scheduled every two weeks until the end of the pregnancy. This is when the nesting kicks in, the nursery is one of the top priorities, the baby shower and maternity photos come up, all of the excitement is heightened because the end is so close yet so far. However, this is not like waiting for Christmas as a kid. This is life-changing. It is an event that doesn’t compare to anything else, and nothing will ever be the same.

I happen to be a very busy mother. I am working on finishing my second degree, and as you all know, the dreaded finals week is approaching. I also work two jobs, which as long as the mother carries a healthy pregnancy throughout her gestation, working is recommended as it keeps the mother active and used to her normal routine. This all inquiries that my third trimester is going to be hectic and jammed-packed with activities until Little Miss decides to make her appearance.

It can be hard to balance everything. It feels overwhelming some days, and there are times where I want to throw the homework aside and just sit and feel my baby kick.

Pregnancy is already a difficult task. Being busy can make it stressful, but the goals and the reward insight make it all worth it. My advice to any pregnant or new mothers who are also going through school would be to make time for themselves. Just take a few minutes every day to have your decaf coffee, watch an episode of your favorite show, sing in the shower, cherish the few moments you find comfort in being alone.

Whether you are terrified by this or overjoyed, you will never be alone again once that little one is born. Nights out will become rare, rested evenings will be sacred and scarce, your boobs will leak, your back will hurt, your eyes will feel heavy, and even when you do manage again to make time for yourself, your bouncing baby will still be on your mind constantly. The thought of seeing them again will become the new highlight of your night out.

With that being said, I have a busy final 10 weeks ahead of me. The next time I write about the insane and busy life of being a pregnant mother in college, well, I may no longer be pregnant.

The Gestation Journal will eventually take a new approach to being a mother in college, as I welcome my first born into the world.

Signing off for now, Sawyer and I will write to you all in a couple of months.

Brooke Greene is the Collegian Editor In Chief and seven months pregnant with her first child.

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  1. Kyran says:

    Girl you are so empowering! Wishing you and your baby an easy next few weeks! 💞

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