By Braedon Martin
Staff writer

Human beings are inherently impatient, always eager to get what they want. To be otherwise is a trained behavior. Students at Hutchinson Community College are no different.

One such example of what one might call impatient is the twitter account catching everyone’s hearts and minds. @HCC_Quesadilla is an account created by a student to count down the days before the next “Quesadilla Day”, where the cafeteria staff serve their renowned, freshly-made quesadillas, beloved by many.

On top of their countdowns to Quesadilla Day every Wednesday, the account also posts memes related to the wondrous food item, as well as advertising their fellow students, specifically student-athletes, letting everyone know that they ate a quesadilla right before their big game or performance.

What’s the big deal about HutchCC’s quesadillas?

According to the account’s creator, who wished to remain anonymous, they chose to focus on the dish because “Quesadillas are awesome and the best food in the (Jayhawk Conference). Much better than the dog food they serve at Indy, or whatever meal of sorrow they serve at Butler.”

The only dish, they said, that comes close to the sheer beauty and greatness of the cafeteria quesadilla, is their omelet.

“They sure know how to cook those as well,” @HCC_Quesadilla said.

The account was created mid-October when a group of friends were joking around about how many days there were until the next quesadilla day.

For future quesadilla countdowns, follow @HCC_Quesadilla on twitter. Quesadilla Day is eacg Wednesday during lunch.

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