By Aubreigh Heck / Staff Writer

Defenders fear her, forwards wish to be her and goalies tremble when they see Hutchinson Community College’s No. 13, Hadlie Lowe, prepare to score a goal for the Blue Dragon women’s soccer team.

Lowe, a Wichita freshman, has made herself a defender magnet. Teams mark her, meaning they make sure she is always covered.

Lowe gives teams reasons to be worried when she has possession of the ball, and it reflects on her stats. She is No. 3 in the Jayhawk Conference in goals scored with 12, and No. 4 in shots with 55. She also leads the conference with game-winning goals, at six. She leads the Blue Dragons in all previously mentioned categories.

With her high goal count, Lowe is no stranger to high expectations.

“Sometimes it’s scary. Sometimes I feel like everyone expects me to score all the goals,” Lowe said. “It is a team sport, so obviously that can not happen.”

While Lowe is a team player, she appreciates the acknowledgement of her hard work.

“It’s pretty awesome coming in and having recognition for all my hard work I put in,” Lowe said.

Playing against competitors she knew while growing up is a highlight for Lowe’s college career too,

“It is cool seeing some girls I have played with all my life,” said Lowe, who played club for the Lynx and high school at Kapaun Mount Carmel. “They would be on other teams, and now they are on other college teams.”

Lowe also cited playing with and against international students as something she enjoys about the college experience,

“It’s cool to be playing against people from other countries, you know? Some of my best friends here are from Ireland and England,” Lowe said. “I never would have thought that that would be something that would happen to me.”

Lowe and the Blue Dragons have one game left this season, against Dodge City Community College. The last time HutchCC took on Dodge City, Hadlie Lowe scored her first hat trick of the season, and HutchCC claimed victory with a 4-2 final score. The Blue Dragons look to finish 7-5-1 overall.

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