Mental health has often been considered a taboo topic. That mental struggles aren’t “normal,” and talking about them is often looked down upon.

News flash – almost every single person has struggled/struggles from a mental illness. Depression, anxiety, bipolar, etc. And oftentimes, these problems need to be discussed. Holding them back can make them worse.

For an example, imagine a person had an infection. They obviously need help, and it becomes more and more obvious. Logically, the longer this person goes without getting help, the sicker they get. They just sink deeper and deeper into their infection, and eventually they go past a point of no return. Now turn that infection into depression, and it’s the same result.

Mood disorders like depression and bipolar can be crippling. Often, people with depression or people in a depressive episode have no motivation to do anything, let alone to take care of themselves. This can include not having the motivation to brush your teeth, shower, drink water, or even eat.

Anxiety can cause a person to lose sight of common sense, and always expect the worst. Having every terrible situation run through your mind can make it difficult to function. A panic attack can take all of the energy out of a person, causing migraines, fatigue, and dehydration.But there’s help out there, Blue Dragons. Prairie Star Health Center and Horizons Mental Health Center are excellent local choices to aid in getting the help you might need. You can even find help on campus, with the school’s Personal Counseling services. You can find these services online at

By the Collegian Editorial Staff

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