By Leslie Grajeda / Staff Writer

The American people have shown the entire world that they are incredibly selfish.

This whole pandemic has been made all about the individual and all about politics. It’s incredibly frustrating to listen to, because Covid doesn’t care what political party you haven’t subscribed to.  If you’re not protected, then Covid will infect you. It’s even more infuriating that people who claim to be pro-life do not do their part to protect lives that have already been born. The act is as simple as taking a vaccine and as wearing a paper or cloth mask and yet, it is still too much for them.

We have seen anti-vaxxers take horse-dewormer instead of a FDA-approved vaccine. The science is denied until the science is needed to save their lives when they have overdosed on ivermectin and are running out of oxygen because they caught covid. All of this is to say that I am tired of the American people. We can do better.

Don’t forget, you are not immune to these behaviors. I have seen too many people on the Hutchinson Community College campus refuse to wear their mask correctly because it “it’s too uncomfortable”, or “well, I’m vaccinated”, or “I’m tired of wearing the mask”, or “I don’t know what’s in the vaccine”, or “they’re trying to chip and track me!”. As someone who works with the public, I can wear my mask for hours with no problem. What’s your excuse? Just because you’re vaccinated, it doesn’t mean that you can’t give Covid to someone else. The mask protects others.

If you need a reason to have empathy and care for other people, then you’re a sociopath. Finally, if you are so worried about what’s in the vaccine, answer me this – what’s in all the other medications you take? Can you confidently say?

Finally, why would the government want to track you specifically? I get it, you want to be skeptical of those in power, but of the millions of people in the United States, why would the government want to track you specifically? Even if they did, they could already do it through your phone, state ID, mail, etc. So they wouldn’t make a vaccine just to track you or get you sick. The government doesn’t want to kill you (mostly because we’re approaching a birth crisis).

Trust the science. Wear your mask and get vaccinated. If you’re sick, stay home. Take value in your health and in the health of others. We take our health for granted until we become unhealthy. We can’t afford more lives lost. Too many families are already missing their children. Will you add to that number?

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