By Sarah Newberry / Staff writer

Curly hair and freckles. A lot comes to mind with those words.

Some might think of those things with regret, or they hate those features for themselves. Others want to have those features so severely. So much to the extent that people put freckles on their faces with makeup. Or also they twist their hair with their fingers or a brush to make it curly.

Why is that so? Why are those things trending? Does it have to do with natural beauty? I believe so.

I also think it has to do with accepting yourself and inner beauty as well. People might hate having curly hair or freckles because they got picked on because of those features when they were younger. But now, not just with those particular things, but with body image and other things, they are becoming more accepted. I think that is because different people of all types, shapes, and sizes are becoming accepted – the body positivity movement., for example Also, I think these times are more adaptive and more progressive.

Natural beauty has become an increasing trend, so I think many people want freckles and curly hair. For most women or girls, we were influenced by people in our lives, like teachers or those on social media, sometimes to be ashamed of our appearance and other aspects. We learned to cover up our bodies, because it would be distracting. Or not to do anything too rash, because it wasn’t very lady-like. Also, it sometimes was looked down upon to be a tomboy, or not be “girly”.

Also, sometimes girls get criticized for not wearing makeup, or for wearing makeup. It goes both ways.

Men or boys were looked down upon if they cried or had emotions because it’s not manly and tough. Also, boys can’t wear dresses either without getting criticism.

I think people are getting to the point where we don’t care about what others think. We should let our freak flag fly in any way we want. We should embrace our imperfections and our natural selves. Whether it’s skin imperfections or personality, it doesn’t matter. Everyone is unique and beautiful in their way.

I also think curly hair and freckles are trending is because it can be a rare trait sometimes. But uniqueness is sought after, and it is accepted as well. Many things that weren’t society’s standards a long time ago are now. Whether you have straight hair or curly, have freckles or not, or are pale, tan, or brown, it doesn’t matter as long as you embrace your beauty and uniqueness.

It’s also OK to embellish your appearances by adding freckles, or any makeup, or altering your hair. You’re still you, and are beautiful inside and out. Everyone is gorgeous and unique in their way. That’s what makes you human and everybody else. You’re like a star who glistens, stands out, and makes a difference in many ways, whether big or small, and is unique in its path.

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