By Kyran Crist
Online Editor

As the semester progresses to a close, with final exams and graduation rapidly approaching, and what would have been spring break passing students and faculty by, something that seemed a small price at the beginning of the semester is now starting to take effect and be missed.

How have students been doing with no real break? There was no school on Martin Luther King Day on Jan. 18, and there will be no classes next Friday. Other than that? It’s been non-stop.

“Personally, I have been super burnt out because of the lack of break. I really struggle to go to class most days and have been exhausted 24/7,” said Riley Davis, HutchCC freshman

“I’m burnt out. It would have been nice to have that break. It really helps to have that time to just collect yourself again and finish the semester strong. Without it, it’s becoming hard to find the motivation to keep up,” said Jace Losew, HutchCC sophomore.

Spring break usually takes place about late March, leaving students and faculty members with time to take a breath and recharge. Students like Davis, who also work one or more jobs during the school year, sometimes rely on that week to clear their head and get back in order to tame whatever stray strands went haywire.

“For the month of March, I was working two jobs and doing what I could with school,” Davis said. “Even doing what I could, I still am falling behind because I am so mentally exhausted. With the stress of Covid I was really counting on a break to take a minute and mentally recharge. Sadly, I wasn’t able to do that.”

Without the time to recharge and refresh, students may be finding it harder to get through the last few weeks. But the end of the year is rapidly approaching, and graduation on its heels, whether that is a scary thought or relieving one, faculty and students are almost there.

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