By Brooke Greene / Staff Writer

People develop hobbies throughout their lives, from sports to art, from baking to thrift shopping. They change frequently or evolve into new and exciting things. I have always been artistic, but my hobbies started with basketball when I was a kid, then piano when I was in middle school, and then drawing while I spent my summers at camp.

From there, I experimented with painting in my early years of high school, then pottery, then glass cutting, and then jewelry making. Once I got into college, I got more in touch with my photography skills and writing, which I exercised on the magazine and newspaper staff.

My most recent hobby is candle making. After my aunt expressed that she could taste manufactured candle’s scents, I decided to start making my own at home. I ordered the supplies and started making candles for people who are more sensitive to strong scents. From there, it grew into different shapes of candles, additions to candles, and aromatherapy candles. I began selling candles and getting so backed up with orders that I had to put them on hold while I waited for new wax to arrive.

I have had people come to me with all sorts of requests for scented candles aided to alleviate whatever suited their needs. One lady came to me and specifically requested lemon-scented candles to help with her husband’s Alzheimer’s, many others have requested stress relieving candles, which is probably the most popular one, and people have asked for scents to help ease their headaches and sinus problems.

Making candles became an enjoyable hobby, with the added benefit of helping others, or merely adding a subtle scent to their living room. I got business cards, made social media pages, promoted different products, and started to advertise my brand.

It became a side hustle for me, as a student with two jobs and taking full time classes at Hutchinson Community College, selling a candle here and there was a form of security that I would be able to fill my gas tank after school, with the satisfaction of making someone smile. I burn my candles at home as well, and that is where I have the most fun with it. Getting to enjoy my hobby to the fullest as I light three candles in every room during the evenings.

I’m sure you can assume that I save a lot of money by not buying so many candles from TJ Maxx every week.

Hobbies are essential, they help mold us into who we are and add experience. With the opportunity to gain from it, in any way, it is wise to remain open minded to new and adventurous hobbies that might just help you make your mark on the world, or even just a little old lady who thinks she needs a candle that smells like that Kroger shaker of Italian herbs.

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