By Leslie Grajeda / Staff Writer

Now that we’re adults, I recommend we all do one simple thing – be weird.

Everyone has a special interest that’s a bit out of the ordinary. You should do it too.

If you aren’t hurting anyone, then who can stop you? For all we know, we only have one shot at this life, so enjoy it. When people say, “live your life like it’s your last day on Earth,” it’s not just a cute sentiment. Life is so fragile and it’s over in an instant. This is your sign to get that tattoo, cut your hair and get your piercing.

I myself have gotten the piercings I’ve always wanted. I indulge in my interests like skateboarding, embroidery, film study to wild plants, homesteading and making art.

Try creating, even if you think what you’ll make won’t be good.

Humans are made to create, so sing off-key, make terrible drawings, dance with two left feet because these are human traits. Talent literally means nothing.

I’ve changed my hairstyle several times and colored it in wild colors. Cutting my hair and making it into whatever I want is the best thing I’ve ever done. Humans have a strong connection to their hair. It’s a big part of you, so make it your own: dye it, cut it, whatever. Hair grows back but the mental health benefits from doing what you want with your body is forever.

I got a new tattoo just this week, and my parents even encouraged me to do it. They weren’t fans when I got my first, but they know I’ve been planning them for years. So if you want a tattoo, then get it!

Your hair will grow back, laser removal exists, piercings close, so act now. Life is fleeting and to be honest, there is no real point in this life if it can’t be enjoyed.

Don’t live your life for another or live it for an afterlife. Remember, you’re stuck with yourself forever.

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