By Leslie Grajeda / Staff Writer

While many of us, including myself, are celebrating the victory of President-elect Joe Biden, that does not mean the fight is over.

Now that there will be a Democrat in the Oval Office, the Democratic Party needs to be pushed and criticized to get progress done. Medicare for All, free/reduced college tuition, a Green New Deal and the rebuilding of our infrastructure needs to be pushed.

Racist policies like any Muslim ban, the concentration camps that are performing forced hysterectomies, I.C.E., and voter suppression, and the war on drugs need to be abolished.

The American people cannot rest and need to keep pushing. If we become complacent, nothing will change. If you don’t vote in the midterms, nothing will change. The American people need to remember that those elected into power work for us and need to keep our best interests in mind, not the interests of corporations and conglomerates.

As a leftist, I fight for these fundamental rights that we should all be afforded. Even the conservatives who disagree or even hate me for who I am, I believe that they, too, deserve these rights.

Don’t become complacent. Your life’s on the line with these policies.

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