By Bailey Pennycuff / Co-Sports Editor

COVID-19 has taken its toll on athletes worldwide since March, and continues to do so. Negativity has forced its way into the souls of even the most positive-minded people.

In fact, with all the negativity in the world right now, it can be hard to even find light-hearted topics in the news.

All of the following quotations from Hutchinson Community College student-athletes are bits of positivity that have occurred so far this semester.

“When I was down bad, my teammates picked me up. I’m very excited to play with my teammates.” – freshman Kayhla Adams, women’s basketball.

“Because of COVID, I’ve had time to get better with the team and focus on school. It has allowed me to get another year of eligibility.” – sophomore Alfonso Deleon, football.

“Being able to have movie nights with the team in (sophomore Marah Franke’s) room has been fun.” – freshman Aspen Apfel, soccer.

“My first semester at Hutch has been interesting. From having to quarantine, to actually getting COVID. Can’t forget about the half online/hybrid schooling thingy, and praying for a softball season. I’m loving everything about it, and most of all, the people I’ve gotten to meet.” – freshman Kaylie Kincaid, softball.

“Invest in those who invest in you.” – sophomore Hazen Benton, cheer.

“It’s amazing to watch a group of individuals come together and become one… and catcher Andrew Burgess beating coach Quintin Crandall in Sumo wrestling.” – student assistant coach Garrett Davis, baseball.

“Even though we weren’t able to have an actual season this fall, we were all extremely thankful to have gotten to have some scrimmages to get us ready for spring.” – freshman Shelby Reeder, volleyball.

“I love how quickly our team has become a family.” – sophomore Kylee Dunn, softball.

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