By Kyran Crist / Online Editor

“Take something crappy and make it happy.”

That’s the slogan for Mark and Cindi Nunnelley’s locally-owned small business Kinda Old Kinda New on 403 N. Main St. They offer a range of restoration services from wood to metal to fabric.

If you have a piece of furniture, a shirt with a beloved decal, or in need of some good conversation, take it to them.

Mark and Cindi had been working separately on their own endeavors, and then they found each other and started their business from their home shortly after they married in 2014.

If the store sounds familiar but can’t place where they are, it may be because you have seen their car around town.
“I would go to Walmart one route, and take another back, and just blanket Hutch,” Cindi said.

“We would have people come in and ask how many cars we have around town, and it’s just the one,” Mark said.

Cindi purchased the car last year as a five-year anniversary present in May 2019, and Mark designed the decals and stickers that are on the car. It served as their driving billboard and face of the store until they found a building early this year.

“The best thing was having her a year prior,” Cindi said of the car. “I bet every other person that’s come through here has said ‘we’ve been waiting for you to get a storefront’ or ‘I’ve seen your car all around’.”
Mark worked in welding and other works prior to, as well as in automotive financing. Cindi worked in layup and upholstery. Their skills make them a perfect team in what they both love to do.
“Between the two of us, there’s nothing we can’t handle that comes through the door,” Mark said.

The couple decided with the business that it was what made them happy, they didn’t want to spend any more time working somewhere that doesn’t make them happy and isn’t doing what they love.

“We get some young newlywed couples to come through here just amazed that we get to work together,” Cindi says “They ask if we ever get annoyed with each other, and yeah. I just say I need Bogey’s ice cream, and that’s the queue.”

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