By Laci Sutton / Staff Writer

Veterans Day is for people to honor America’s veterans for the sacrifices they’ve made and continue to make for the safety of the country. This includes all active-duty members, veterans who are home, and those who didn’t make it back home from their fight.

It’s a day to honor veterans like Hutchinson Community College student Cory Sherbon.

After Sherbon graduated from Buhler High School in 2007, he started his journey with the Marine Corps.

“Growing up, my father would preach to me with great pride about how our bloodline has fought

in every war and conflict this country has participated in since the founding of the United States.” Sherbon said. “I knew I wanted to join the military at a young age.”

Sherbon comes from a long line of military men, being the first in his family to be a Marine.

“My friends wanted to go to school, chase their dreams, and raise families. I wanted to ensure they were afforded that opportunity.” Sherbon said.

Sherbon was a bit rough around the edges growing up. He saw himself more as a follower than a leader, and liked to get rough and grapple with others.

Joining the Marines turned his world upside down and shaped him into the man he is today.

“It’s a brotherhood, hell bent on defending the people of this nation with a lust for violence at the expense of our own lives, so the people we love on American soil may know peace.” Sherbon said. “It gave me a sense of purpose I would have never found otherwise.”

Sherbon separated from the Marines in Sept. 2015, and has struggled with work since. He had to learn to adapt with the lack of discipline his new jobs offered compared to his time in the service.

“By 2018, I had five different jobs that I either left or was walked out.” Sherbon said.

Sherbon decided it was time to work for himself. He began to make plans to start his own business, and used his GI bill to go back to school.

Currently studying business at HutchCC, Sherbon plans to take over a local small business, Sign Source, and grow the company’s success.

After spending eight years in the military, Sherbon’s body is far from what it used to be. He suffers not only the physical pain from his time stationed in California, but also ruthless demons haunting his daily life with the memories of his experiences.

Sherbon is a proud Marine Raider. The raiders are a legendary team in the Marine Corps.

If the Navy Seals get overwhelmed and have little chance to survive, the Raiders are signaled in to take over, allowing the Seals’ safety to withdraw.

The military isn’t for everybody, but Sherbon wouldn’t change his decision to join for anything.

“The Marine Corps instilled a sense of pride, the ability to protect those around me, and helped

me find the best in myself.” Sherbon said.

Those that have served do not serve for gratitude. They make incredible sacrifices to protect the country and people they love.

“I will never forget my time amongst my brothers.” Sherbon said. “I fought for you, and I would do it again.” 

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