By Izzy Wheeler / Staff Writer

Hutchinson Community College’s union renovations seems to be an absolute hit.

For the first two months of classes, dorm students – and anyone else wanting to eat at the cafeteria – were to walk across campus to the Hutchinson Sports Arena, where they received three meals, exactly the same as everyone else, three times a day.

The meals consisted of waffles, pancakes, eggs, biscuits and gravy, sausage, and bacon for breakfast; tacos, sandwiches, crispitos, pasta or other dishes for lunch; and pasta, mashed potatoes, chicken, and other entrees for dinner.

Practically anything you can think of the cooks have served in the renovated cafeteria inside Parker Student Union.

Annabel Wheeler, Belleville freshman, said “There was no fresh fruit or vegetables and there weren’t a variety of choices but I loved the cake.”

The new cafeteria has plenty of space for all of the students to take a seat and enjoy how many food choices there are. There are also charging stations at several tables.

Overall, it’s a vast upgrade from last the previous cafeteria, which had more of a old-school cafeteria feel. Now, the cafeteria feels more like a restaurant.

“It’s very nice, such an upgrade from last year,” sophomore Lyset Ibarra said. “Also, I feel like there’s more privacy when you’re eating which is nice. Many food choices now as well.”

There’s no worrying about if there’s enough food, there is plenty for all students no matter what time they happen to show up. There’s fresh fruits and vegetables, pasta, sandwich maker, salad bar, pizza, hamburgers, etc.

Dorm students are required to show their student ID to eat.

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