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Hutchinson looks different through the eyes of every individual who has ever walked through its streets. Growing up in Hutchinson is no different, as it looks different for everyone.

All people have their own stories and their own struggles. Minorities in Hutchinson have even more unique stories than the majority.

Real estate agent Deangelo Green is someone who grew up in Hutchinson for his teenage years.

Green moved to Hutchinson from Vicksburg, Mississippi when he was in the fifth grade. He is a 2002 graduate of Hutchinson High School, where he was a standout football player.

While every Black individual living in Hutchinson has their own experiences and may have different reactions from people being a minority, Green had a mostly positive experience.

“Growing up in Hutchinson was a great experience for me,” Green said. “When I lived in Mississippi, 90% of students were African American, and moving to Hutch was a cultural shock due to not seeing very many kids at school that looked like me. It was different, but after getting used to it, the students were awesome to be around.”

As far as life outside of school, when he moved back to Hutch after leaving for college, the general theme continued, at least with larger events.

“I don’t have any memories that I recall in regards to discrimination, but there surely were issues but were probably ignored and looked the other direction,” Green said.

Working in real estate gives Green a unique perspective on living in Hutch, and being a minority in the area.

“Working in real estate has been an awesome experience in regards to helping all races of people buy and sell homes,” Green said. “It’s a tough career as a Black man in Hutchinson, since the majority of people buying and selling homes in town are not people that look like me.”

Being in a challenging career comes with its own difficulties and stories, as well as victories.

“I will never forget my first year in the business, working an open house on a Sunday afternoon,” Green said. “I went to greet someone walking inside with a handshake and the gentleman just looked at me. It put me in a crappy mood but I got over it and moved on. After that incident, I told myself it was not about how much I sell or how much money I make, I just want to do business with people that want to do business with me and create a great relationship.”

Green gave a positive message to all people who may be facing discrimination and reminds everyone they are stronger than other people’s hurtful words or actions.

“To who ever is dealing (with) discrimination, please open your history book – The Bible – and discover who you really are,” Green said. “God will not put us through anything we can’t handle, just look back 400 years ago to see where we were, and now look at where we are now. Be mentally strong and do not let discrimination stop you from your goals.”

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  1. Tom Clark says:

    My man! Proud of you. Over it, under it, around it or through it. Whatever it takes to put it in your rear view!
    Love ya
    Coach Clark

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