Photo story by Emily Branson / Collegian Photo Editor

While construction carries on inside and outside Parker Student Union, the cafeteria re-opened Thursday morning.

Students and others who wanted to eat on campus since the school year began had to walk over to the Sports Arena. For dorm students, that was three jaunts to the arena a day, more than double the normal walk from the dorms to the union.

Thursday, HutchCC alumnus and former college president Ed Berger, who is now a Kansas state senator, was the first in line and first to be served. Berger was a student when the previous cafeteria was finished, and was the third student in line to be served then.

Hot meals cafeteria style will continue to be served by workers. Thursday’s breakfast included eggs, bacon, pancakes and more. There was also a wide variety of pastries and other baked good, plus fresh fruit and cereal.

Seating is updated and modern, including tables where plugging in electronics is possible.

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