By Zariah Perilla-Best / Staff Writer

I feel like I’m a great student.

I mean, currently, it may not look like it. I’ve always been a 3.0 GPA-minimum student ever since I was a kid, and now I have a C in a class.

My dream has always been to go to college, and I’ve worked hard to get there. So you could say I take school seriously. But even so, college is on a different level.

I mean, I thought I had a great concept of time management until I got into college. Now it’s a constant decision to spend 5-plus hours on homework or have a social life and join clubs.

I’ve also never lost a book until this year. Anyone could tell you that I’m so protective about my books, and somehow I still managed to lose one.

By the way, if you find a literature textbook, let me know.

We’re a month in, and I’m struggling mentally. I constantly want to stay caught up with my school work to the point where I don’t give myself a break. Ever. It’s pretty draining, but I think the decision of if I’m a good student is the amount of dedication you have to finishing it. So if there’s anyone else who is also struggling in the new environment, I’d say get a planner, take advantage of the free tutoring, and counselling.

One thing that definitely makes college harder is Covid-19. I feel like many students don’t take it seriously, and that’s why a ton of people end up having to quarantine and might fall behind in school. Going online is the last thing an incoming freshman should really attempt, because it allows the students to fall behind. Online education really needs a motivated student, and a comfortable home environment. Zoom calls really need good internet and a quiet environment, which isn’t for everyone.

I know it’s hard to consider everyone, but in the grand scheme of things, it could be your life on the line.

Food is also something I didn’t consider. I signed up for all morning classes, expecting to have lunch when I have free time, but between studying at the library and having extracurriculars, I get hungry often. It’s no wonder ramen is stereotypically a college student’s favorite meal and why the Freshman 15 is a thing. Keeping a good diet and sleep schedule is important for not only mental and physical health, but it’s also important for academics. Studying is incredibly difficult if I’m eating terrible things, or if I haven’t gotten enough sleep. But that and a ton of other things are easier said than done.

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