By Leslie Grajeda / Staff writer

Most of us are aware of the instant cultural phenomenon that the song “WAP” made.

Let’s be honest, the song is catchy, vulgar, but lots of fun. While stuck in quarantine, most of us have been hit, day after day, with all the chaos happening in the world. For a while, the world seemed totally bleak, but “WAP” by Cardi B has probably provided some of the most fun we’ve had in a while.

The song follows the same sort of vulgarity that songs like “You Reposted to the Wrong Neighborhood” by Shokk or “Wasn’t Me” by Shaggy provided. However, this song created more of a controversy over how vulgar it is than either of the two songs. The reason being – a woman is the artist. People like ultra-conservative pundit Ben Shapiro, who founded, clutched their pearls at the song. He tried to claim that the song represents modern day feminists and “modern women”. It seems like he can’t imagine a woman enjoying sex so much.

Shapiro even went as far to claim that women who do get “wet” have a medical condition. Sure Ben, I’m sure there is a fire in the bedroom, but from the dry friction you have your poor wife endure.

The song is meant to do nothing more than have fun and intentionally offend conservatives like Shapiro, who got their panties in a twist when hearing about sex. I invite more songs like this to be written because the song itself is catchy but watching the reactions of conservatives was much more entertaining than anticipated.

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