If only we would have known what this year was going to look like, right?

Everyone can agree that this year has been full of troubles and tribulations that no one could see coming. Many times, you’ve probably thought about how many things you would have done differently if only you’d known.

Regardless of how this year has flipped everything upside down, there are some things that we can still do to, hopefully, bring this year to a close.

One of the most important, and most repeated, statements of this year is to wear a mask. Please, just wear a mask. Since schools reopened, there have been many outbreaks at colleges and universities across the country, including one cluster at Hutchinson Community College.

While we know that wearing a mask is not pleasant, it is something that must be done to help ensure that we can all remain as healthy as possible.

In the spring, the world came to a screeching halt and ruined many (if not all) long-awaited summer plans. Our only hope for the rest of this year is that everyone can do their part to take care of each other and leave the world of COVID-19 behind us. That can only happen if we all work together.

Remember: “my mask protects you and your mask protects me.” So please, wear your masks (correctly) on campus and around other people. Social distance. Stay safe.

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