By Brooke Greene / Staff writer

Lights, camera, action is finally being taken to reopen in Hutchinson.

After several months of waiting, society is surely reopening step by step, with hopes to eventually achieve some new sense of normality.

Now that the hair salons, restaurants, schools, gyms and more are open, the time has come for the local movie theater to open as well.

On March 18, Hutchinson 8 Mall’s B&B Theatres closed down due to the Covid-19 pandemic, and the whole industry came to a halt. However, the wait is over. As of Sept. 1, Hutchinson’s B&B Theatre reopened.

Even the smallest things like seeing a movie in a theater can increase the happiness in people’s lives, especially student,s as that was one of the most relaxing ways to take a break from schooling. Satellite student Matthew Miller, Mount Hope, usually attended the theater at least three times a month before the outbreak.

“I feel like it’s probably OK with some precautions, like spreading people out and masks being worn,” Miller said.

While the environment may feel more spacious with social distancing as a mandate, it is still a relief to most to have this available again.

“I think it’ll boost morale in the community, especially among the under-30crowd. When I go to the theater I can sit back and forget my problems for a few hours and become part of the story. I feel like I enjoy the movies even more as an adult,” Miller said.

The whole idea of enjoying the magic of the movie can be uplifting for those who have been stuck at home since the pandemic, especially those who tend to the more introverted side of things.

Cade McLean, Hutchinson sophomore, enjoys attending the theaters and taking the satisfaction of enjoying one of the most favorite movie theater snacks – popcorn.

“I am optimistic about it,” McLean said. “I think it’s time, people need to be smart about whether they go or not, but I am happy it’s open. I’m not huge on the magic of the movies. I just like interesting stories, characters and actors. People go to movies to escape reality, myself included.”

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