By Jake Brown / Staff Writer

It’s a question that almost everyone is curious about during the COVID-19 pandemic: what is life like for you?

The Hutchinson Collegian staff members have asked several students and staff members this question over the last month. One faculty member in particular gave a detailed description that deserved more than a quote or two.

When asked, “What has life been like since we got out of school?” Hutchinson Community College economics instructor Matthew Wilper gave a lengthy and detailed answer. 

He talked about reading a lot of books and watching quite a bit of Netflix. As to his substitute for sports now, “The Price is Right,” he has gotten pretty good at guessing totals for the Showcase Showdown at the end of each show. Along with this, he did not fail to mention his new addiction to TikTok. The social media app has swept the nation in the last year, and Wilper fell victim too.

“I’ve developed an addiction to TikTok,” he said.

As far as school goes, he said that Zoom meetings have become a massive part of his classes. It is an integral part of school in our times, and Wilper made sure to state that he changes his background regularly to switch things up.

He also mentioned, “Many of the ideas I teach in class are happening in real life.”

This makes things happening right now more interesting and relatable for students. 

From an economic standpoint nationally, he said that we are on the cusp of a possible recession, with the pandemic shutting down a lot of industry. Wilper also said that Kansas will see a decline in production and revenue in the near future due to this global pandemic.

He also mentioned declining oil prices, which is good for consumers but is hurting the industry. 

It’s an uncertain time, but this much is certain – Matt Wilper is staying busy.

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