By: Emily Fehrman / Opinion Page Editor

When I thought of what my last couple months at Hutchinson Community College would look like, I thought it would be bittersweet. I thought I would have more time to make lasting memories with my favorite people. 

I never thought I’d grow an attachment to The Hutchinson Collegian or anyone on it. Not because I didn’t think they’d be the right people for me, but because I was going through something that made it hard for me to make any new connections, let alone feel anything.

But boy was I wrong, I gained a gaggle of friends that are genuinely amazing. I found my people, but it feels like I was robbed of the last memories we would’ve made.

I thought I would have more time with them. But instead, it’s just me and our weekly Zoom meetings.

I miss seeing my friends all the time. I miss having class with them. 

I was looking forward to walking across that stage at graduation while all my friends went crazy for me in the audience. To the celebration that followed. Now it feels like everyone’s on a different path than me. I know I’m not the only one who has their last semester here, and this sucks for all of us. 

To the friends I’ve met during my time here, thank you and I appreciate you more than I know. 

To the teachers who became mentors, thank you for believing in me, even when I couldn’t believe in myself.

I wouldn’t have stuck with this if it weren’t for you.

I know there’s a pandemic going on, but I don’t think that should mean we aren’t allowed to feel upset about the things we were looking forward to, or living for, being over so abruptly. 

People need other people. We need that human interaction. That human touch.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t be following the social distancing order by any means, but I’m just saying it’s all right to feel out of balance during all of this. Everything will be all right, and you will get through it in one piece. 

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